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Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

Insane since: Sep 2003

posted posted 03-29-2004 07:20

Does anyone have a clue why I get an error message that says that I haven´t got enough RAM when I try to run a batch with PS 7.0.
I have checked the memory usage when I run the batch and it isn't near the amount RAM I have (I got 1gb of RAM).
It feels like there is something else that is wrong. The Action that runs during the Batch is taking big samples of carpets, resizing them, creating patterns and filling a fake wall. Could it be something with the Action?


Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Mpls, MN
Insane since: Dec 2000

posted posted 03-29-2004 18:46

I suppect it's something in you action. Perhap you specified a measurement in pixels bit it defaulted to inches or mm, that could result in a huge files. You might also try adjusting you history istory pallete perhap you are tracking too many step. Byound that the only thing I can think of is if you are using the clip board you might try add a purge clip or all to the script at some point.

J. Stuart J.

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: buttcrack of the midwest
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posted posted 03-31-2004 13:27

Could also be that your designated scratch disc is full.

Obsessive-Compulsive (I) Inmate

From: belgium
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posted posted 03-31-2004 14:15

You should look in the tutorial on that page
it will give a lot of tips about actions and batch processing.

With the good recommendations given here (make sure you don't have old tmp files in your scratch disk)
you could create an action that reduces your history to only one step , disables the snapshot at opening of the file, unless your action relies on one of those elements... and of course, create an action to re-set them for normal Photoshop use.


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