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From: nashville, TN-USA
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IP logged posted posted 01-28-2002 05:25 Edit Quote

i just registed on this site, and i really like this forum, i think i'll be back often.
but i've got a site, to be ripped apart.
it's for a local band
yeah i know you guys hate splash pages, but they wanted one.
this is the first REAL website i've done, sure i've done some crap ones, but this is the first time i've spent more than an hour on one.
so go ahead, slaughter me, i need it.

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: under your rug,
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IP logged posted posted 01-28-2002 07:00 Edit Quote

Welcome to the Ozone Asylum, I hope you enjoy your stay

Now onto the site,

The splash page image is only 25k, so it's not as bad as most.. But I must ask about the reason for putting on the splash page amd in the titlebar? I realize the site is Landing On but your site is not that name is a real site it happens to be "Log On America" so why are you giving them free advertisement?

People are going to come to the site, and see and that's going to make them remember you as so if they ever want to come back they will more than likely go to to find you, that's not good at all... besides that if the people at find out you are using their name, i would think you could be in trouble..

anyway just loose all references to on the splash page, in the title bar and anywhere else you have it, it's just a bad idea all around.. other than that i like the general concept of the site..

Oh and don't worry, the hounds will be around soon to give a full review, make sure you got a doggy treat for them or a spare leg or something

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Maniac (V) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 01-28-2002 14:23 Edit Quote

Well the site is not really that bad. There are a few thing though.

The text on the "updates" section is really hard to read on that background.
The grey bar under that picture of the band and updates, doesn't really serve a purpose. Not really sure why it's there.

I think that the interface needs some work. I'm not really sure that it works. I would like to see something different. It works but if you are just going to have some buttons then I would like to see something different besides just squares. Know what I mean?

With the "pics" page, I would organize them a little better instead of just having them there. Maybe a dHTML tool tip that will tell you who these people are or something. Check out RazorArt for an example. There are some websites that will describe how to do this.

For each of the pages it would be nice to have a header telling the viewer where they are. Like PICS in the middle of the page over the images with some nice photoshop effects or something.

You have the startings of a pretty good idea with the "AUDIO" page with the rollovers. I think that it needs something more though. Maybe have the buttons be something like a cassett tape or cd with the title or something.

I think that you need some more colors most of all though. It is kind of boring as it is.

You have a pretty good start but you have a lot of work to do.

Good luck.


~Binary is best~

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