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Insane since: Jan 2002

IP logged posted posted 01-31-2002 22:07 Edit Quote - tell me what you think

Maniac (V) Inmate

Insane since: May 2001

IP logged posted posted 02-01-2002 17:16 Edit Quote

Well, like I said in the dHTML forum, I like your site. It easy to navigate and easy to read. The only thing that I would change would be the scroll bar buttons. They are a little small. Actually they are quite small.

From looking at some of the sites that you have done in your gallery, it seems that you are a big fan of the splash page. I'm not sure what you have it unless it is for browser sniffing to make sure the page is viewable in that browser. A lot of people here will tell you to get rid of that splash page because they really serve no purpose, on the other hand if it does act as a browser sniffer, then that's OK. I don't really care too much for them because I don't like to have to click twice when I can just as easily click once.

It would be kind of nice to have a rollover or something on the links to the other pages in your navigation, although I think they fit nicely with the "theme".

Other than that I really can't find anything to pick out. Emps may be along and give you a few more suggestions.

I have to say that the Emerald Corner is a lovely page. The colors are very nice, but we are not here to talk about that.

Anyway, good job. I would just really like to see those scroll buttons to be bigger so I know they are there.


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IP logged posted posted 02-04-2002 18:02 Edit Quote

bluecorr: It certainly is a good looking site and those big graphics download quickly. CPrompt has hit on a number of good points but here are my thoughts:

1. I can't see the point of the splash page.

2. You have the keywords metatag but no description on your splash page (or on your frameset or on the internal pages).

3. I don't like frames and the only reason I can see for you using them is to stop the scrolling on the page which I don't think is a good enough reason!!

4. If I hadn't read CPrompt's post I might have missed those scroller arrows!! I'd also like an idea of where the scroll is up to.

5. On 800x600 the actual content is relegated to a pretty small piece of screen real estate and I think you benefit from making that a more important part of the page. I'd think about making it a semi-transparent scrolling layer over the rest of your page graphic.

6. Just curious but is that a picture of you on the page? Its nicely done.

7. You've made a good use of CSS and on the internal pages (bio, etc.) I can't see any reason for you use of tables - you'd have simpler code if you used DIVs.

Nice work (and a good portfolio) and although I like the look I think the implementation (frames) could be done differently (but its your site!!). Well done.


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