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IP logged posted posted 12-19-2002 21:24 Edit Quote

I can't seem to get a table's height to cover 100% of the browser window in any browser except IE. Is there a CSS workaround for this? As of now, the table only stretches with the content; where if the content is say 50 pixels high, the footer of my table only stretches that much + its size. Any idears?

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IP logged posted posted 12-23-2002 15:19 Edit Quote

I've always done this by saying

<table height="100%">

and I'm sure that it works this way in IE and Mozilla, and probably most other browsers.

So if this doesn't work on your page then it's probably something else in the code causing the problems - just post a link to the page you're working on and we'll see.

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IP logged posted posted 12-24-2002 22:14 Edit Quote

You can also try

html, body {
height: 100%;

assuming your table's height is 100% now.
Otherwise, post a link as kuckus said.

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