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IP logged posted posted 03-06-2001 10:11 Edit Quote

I need to be able to detect which version of Flash Player a
user has before they can proceed into this site I'm
developing. I've tried some ActionScripts, but the scripts
I've tried use syntax that is only supported by Flash 5.
So, I wouldn't be able to properly detect which Flash
Player someone has if they are using a version less than 5!!

What is the best way to detect the Flash Player version.
(I'm not limiting myself to ActionScripts, by the way)


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IP logged posted posted 03-06-2001 11:17 Edit Quote

It was so long ago since I did this that I can't remember...

But if you download the Flash Printing Resource Kit from the Macromedia webpage, there is a good explanation how to do this in the help files that comes with it.

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IP logged posted posted 03-06-2001 23:10 Edit Quote

You might want to check this out....

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IP logged posted posted 08-20-2004 22:57 Edit Quote

Step 1: Inserat this into the head of a HTML document:
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" CONTENT="7; URL=noflash.html"> <-- Points to the "Sorry you don't have flash text"

Step 2: In the body of the HTML document, embed a flash file containing this actionscript code:
getURL("flash.html"); <-- Points to your flash page

That's it! No Javascript needed. If the embeded flash file does not redirect you to your actual page in 7 seconds your browser will redirect you to the nonflash page. Just make sure that all SWF files are saved in the same version!

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IP logged posted posted 08-24-2004 04:54 Edit Quote

In Flash MX (NOT MX 2004):
Under File>Publish Settings
Be sure the "HTML" check box is checked
Click the HTML tab
You can select to publish with detection for Flash 3-6

I assume MX 2004 must have equivalent capabilities

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