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Most of the people looking at my sites use a very slow dialup <28.5 kbps. I add a 1 kb image as a low src in Dreamweaver, but the image doesn't load and the 2nd, higher quality image loads slow. What other way can I at least show some image while the final one is loading?

Thanks in advance.

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If your clients/users are on such a slow connection you should ask yourself if you realy need the images.

Personaly i don't use Dreamweaver. But if you could give the generated code we might be able to help.

Also i suggest you should try to be more descriptive in your titles. Like: "How to do low-res pictures in dreamweaver?" I thought you had some problems with your resources while running dreamweaver...

Just load the little images on your front page an make them link to the bigger ones. Thus people can click on them when they want to see the images better. This way you could make the 'bigger-images' realy big enough to clearly see something on them. Also when people can click on the images they decide themselves that they want to see the bigger pictures. Thus they will want to wait unrtil the biger version is loaded (as long as this is not extremly slow). And for the people who don't want to see the pictures in detail there is no use for bigger pictures anyway.


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