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Been trying to expand my php skills, and I'm having a problem with php and flash.

I've setup a simple script in flash using loadVars that submits the contents of a textfield to a php script that then emails me the results. The problem is that it keeps popping up a new browser window when I hit the "send" button. Here's the actionscript:

sender = new LoadVars();
send.onPress = function() {
sender.message =;
sender.send("email.php", "sender", "POST");

I am running the swf from the server through a browser. Here's the basic php script:

<?php mail('','message from',$_POST['message'],'from:');

Is there a problem with the actionscript or the php? Any help is appreciated - thanks

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well... let's see
- php runs on the server, and can't interact with the user's browser
- flash runs on the client, and can interact with the user's browser.

Which one is it?

(And don't ask me about the flash - I don't know. But I'm moving this to the appropriate forum.)

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I think you need to define a corresponding LoadVars receiver object to deal with what comes back. LoadVars can be a two-way exchange. When the data comes back, the receiver LoadVars would have an onLoad callback to write the returned data to a TextField. I can't get into the specifics now, but maybe that will be enough to get you going. The fact that you are getting the data returned from PHP indicates that the script is working okay. You just need to tell Flash what to do with what comes back.

BTW - hope this is just a typo in your post and not in your ActionScript:

send.onPress = function()

should be "sender.onPress", right? And I personally would use onRelease instead of onPress

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I wrote a little thing on a Flash/PHP mail form. It's not exactly what you are doing here, but the fourth page ( ) demonstrates constructing a two-way LoadVars exchange. Might be all you need to get this worked out.

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Tyberius: Don't worry - I won't ask you anything. Ever. Good to know that this is the response I can expect from a moderator. Really helpful.

Steve: Thanks. I think the stuff you wrote will help. I was using "sender.send" (as opposed to "sendAndLoad") - thought that this method would not need a response back from the server.

Btw, regarding


'send' is a movie clip that I'm using as a button. Just assigning functionality to it externally.

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