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Joe the Intern
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IP logged posted posted 06-30-2004 22:15 Edit Quote

Hey Guys!

Well, I recently got a job with a company by the name of Phusion Graphics(, and my boss wants me to be the main man when it comes to Flash(Did I mention we're a small company?)
I currently have Flash 5 and a basic knowledge of it, but my boss wants me working in Flash MX, I have the 30-Day Trial of MX and I was wondering if you guys knew of any good tutorials for Flash MX, If I can work with it better than I can flash 5, then we'll buy it, but otherwise, I'll stick with Flash 5.

Advice? Comments? Want a logo Done?

Thanks in advance!

-Joe the Intern

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IP logged posted posted 07-02-2004 23:20 Edit Quote

best to upgrade your flash 5. I just upgraded MX to MX2004 and its well worth it.

off the cuff, a really good flash tutorial site Http://

I have alot more but I'm at work, so email me a jonasflint [at] and I'll give you some more.

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IP logged posted posted 07-05-2004 17:10 Edit Quote

There are loads of resources, online and in print. Flash is a funny critter. There is one whole branch of authors who do primarily animation work using frame animation in a cell-like manner, where you actually draw on a frame-by-frame basis and animate with tweens.

There is a whole other branch of developers who rely entirely on ActionScript coding and never make a timeline tween. Their whole movie might be one frame long, and tends to be highly interactive because scripting accounts for user input more than does traditional animation.

And there is a third group who do a fusion kind of thing that combines both approaches. (no pun intended on "phusion"!) Someone at phusiongraphics is clearly very good with Photoshop so I'm guessing that graphics animation is what they have in mind, but who knows really.

My personal interest is ActionScript coding, but there's not much point in giving you resources that won't apply to your job. Let us know what you'll be doing at your job and maybe we can pull together some suggestions tat target what you need.

I do agree with jive that Flash 5 is pretty limited compared with what MX or MX 2004 offer. At least from a coding sense. The drawign and tweening engine is about the same I think. I'd still recommend the current version.

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IP logged posted posted 07-07-2004 15:36 Edit Quote

A tutorial should have come with the software. If you don't have the print copy available to you, check the help files. Most companies store a computerized version of their manuals.

When I first started learning how to use Flash MX, I found Build Your First Website With Flash MX to be extremely useful. The book takes you through the steps of actually creating a functional Flash MX website. Something like that was a thousand times more useful then a dozen random tutorials. You might want to check out the [url=]Friends of ED[/quote] website. Their books are generally considered the best.

Also, I remember Flash Kit being a useful website when I first started out. I haven't looked at it in years though. Flash Devils was a good forum for learning Flash. I don't know how many users at the Asylum actually specialize in Flash enough to be of some real help.

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Greenville, SC, USA
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IP logged posted posted 07-09-2004 04:40 Edit Quote

awsome website: . The forums are great.

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