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This mite seem a little noobist question (im new around here) but hwo do youdo lightsaber effects, and i know there is sum kinda why to do it in Photoshop then put into preimere i love how to do it and thanks in advance. plz help!

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Well Im not too sure exactly about Premiere and Photoshop - but we did the exact same thing at Uni a while back, but in Combustion.
In Photoshop, you would basically paint in the saber effect and clone and paint where neccessary. Then import those jpeg's or targa's (or whatever) into Premiere and I think it's under preferences you can make a default duration for each image so it turns out to be a sequence. Mind you...this would take a hell of a long time.

Another option is to rotoscope if you have access to Combustion. (You may like to download a demo at the Discreet website). This way it is easier for you to rotoscope the image into your footage. Working with layers, you would have your video footage a few times so you can overlay parts of bodies and have your saber go behind hands and heads, etc.

Do a search on Google - there a million tutorials on this sort of thing. Good luck!

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