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IP logged posted posted 08-24-2004 09:46 Edit Quote

I have a dynamic text field and a menu with buttons. Some of the buttons tell the dynamic text field to load data from online files, and some load it from offline files (which is obviously quicker).

The problem i have is
-I click Button 1, which loads online data
-I click Button 2, which loads offline data BEFORE the data for button 1 is loaded.

What this does is loads the data from button 2 which is fine. But then it overwrites it with the data from button 1 which was taking longer!

Is there some way i can tell it to stop running actionscript for button 1?


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IP logged posted posted 08-26-2004 02:54 Edit Quote

I suspect once you have requested data from a server there is no easy way to say "forget it"

But - it might be possible to disable buttons until data has loaded so that you can't make another request. Might be a variable at _root called , let's say, "busy" with a boolean datatype. Clicking a button could set "busy" to true. An olLoad callback could set it to false. Your button click functions could check for the value of "busy". If "busy" was true the button wouldn't work

Make sense?

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