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posted posted 09-05-2004 21:03

I've looked around this forum a bit now, and I've seen a number of usages of math, for example the bitwise operators from ECMAScript, a set of operators that I've just touched but never used to any greater extent*. Since you seem to be pretty graphics and math oriented here compared to what I'm used to. (CodingForums, where I usually hang out, is mostly about less advanced DHTML and DOM, forms and window handling and such.) So, I was wondering if you had some examples of what use these could be put to in graphics and math programming in JavaScript.

* The only usage I've put them to was binary feature flags...

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posted posted 09-05-2004 21:07

Of course, it's not really a *practical* application, but it's an application.


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posted posted 09-05-2004 21:21

If you've looked around here, you've seen most of what I've done. Probably the two most interesting things that I have done in Javascript are the Quadtree renderer (which is still an active thread) and my interactive SVG panda avatar ( ). I find that Javascript/SVG makes an ideal open source replacement for Flash, not to mention the flexibility of JavaScript and the speed of SVG make it quite useful for doing non-trivial things graphically.

I, personally, could see Javascript/SVG become a powerful web-based application interface standard, should people want to take it in that direction.

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posted posted 09-05-2004 22:02

You could also look at all the 20 Line Javascript Monthly Contests since april 2004, and the JS Pong with InI and me.

Basically bitwise operator are commonly used when working in fixed-point maths.

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