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IP logged posted posted 10-26-2004 22:57 Edit Quote

I've read through the ozone faq's and w3c, but can't figure out:

1) When should I use the transitional doctype instead of strict? Or should I always use strict?

2) What's the difference between "iso-8859-1" and "utf-8" character encoding? I'm asking because I don't know which one is the correct one to use.

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IP logged posted posted 10-26-2004 23:59 Edit Quote

Use strict unless you need to use anything that transitional provides...

If you need to use anything in Transitional, ask yourself "do I really need to use this" ? It's designed to make it easier for people to "transition" to better markup whilst not sacrificing all of the elements they currently use in their pages. is a good place to find this kind of info.

As for the encoding, use iso-8859-1 as I believe it's more widely supported than utf-8. I'm not up to speed on all of the differences, but I believe utf-8 supports damn near everything, whilst iso-8859-1 is a fairly common/latin character set, which is why it's more likely to be supported. I could be completely wrong thought. I think Suho's down with all this character encoding jazz. I'm sure he'll pop by and slap me round if I'm leading you astray .

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