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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Darwin, NT, Australia
Insane since: Dec 2003

posted posted 11-02-2004 07:56

Dunno if you've seen this before, but it's fun even if you're not really into chess .

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Beyond that line...
Insane since: Apr 2004

posted posted 11-02-2004 09:06

I love chess I love strategy games I love WarCraft

Moon Shadow
Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Rouen, France
Insane since: Jan 2003

posted posted 11-02-2004 11:37

Very nice. The computer doesn't know the openings and isn't very good, but seeing its thinking patterns is really interesting.

Thanks for sharing

If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets.

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: The Pool Of Life
Insane since: Nov 2003

posted posted 11-02-2004 11:57

Nice link Ian thanks

:::tao::: ::cell::

Iron Wallaby
Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: USA
Insane since: May 2004

posted posted 11-02-2004 14:36

Whoa, that's really cool!

I love playing chess, but alas, really don't have the time to play.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke
"Any sufficiently arcane magic is indistinguishable from technology." -- P. David Lebling

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: Solitary confinement
Insane since: Feb 2001

posted posted 11-02-2004 22:24

Well that was pretty interesting but 5 moves into a reversed indian I could tell it had weaknesses
Watching the variations build was entertaining

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: France
Insane since: Jun 2002

posted posted 11-02-2004 23:20

I'm a lame chess player and watching all the options tested by the AI scares me out. But it's beautiful. The only thing I regret is that the pieces are not always easy to distinguish ( especially the knight and bishop ) but I'm for sure not representative of the chess players.

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: Solitary confinement
Insane since: Feb 2001

posted posted 11-04-2004 02:47

Yeah, for chess players it's pretty intuitive. I can see how it may not be for others.

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Canada, Toronto
Insane since: May 2000

posted posted 11-04-2004 04:50

White: me
Black: machine

1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Ne4 3.d3 Nxf2 4.Kxf2 f6 5.Bd3 fxe5 6.Qh5+ g6 7.Qxg6 hxg6 8. Bxg6#


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