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IP logged posted posted 11-20-2005 20:24 Edit Quote

I'm doing a project in my marketing class and I need a little research of prices for ads.
Could a freelance artist here please give me estimated rates for the following:

(1) Full Page (8.5 x 11) Full color printed ad, for use by a small business, for one purpose.
(1) 4.5" x 3.75" Full color printed ad, for a similar use.

I understand that every project is different, but assuming it's pretty much the median amount of work, the median amount of time, and the median amount of client input, how much would you charge for each of these, not including the price to print?

I obviously don't expect this to be an exact price, but a good estimate, and I'd appreciate your permission to use your quotes (with your name) in my project (it wont be cited as the price, but as what it is: an estimation).

Thanks a lot,


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