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Hi all,

I have a layout that I want to have a vertical bar that when a user either hovers over a picture or clicks on it, the bar slides over the the presentation area and reveals the selected picture in a larger size in the presentation window. The bar has a marker on it that should move up or down to vertically follow the cursor. Maybe this would happen on a mouse click on a piocture, so I would only have to send a smaller amount at a time, ovr a whole movie.

Now, Is this a trick I can pull off with DHTML, or is this something that Flash would be better at. I would prefer a non flash option. If this is something I could do in css/javascript, can you suggest a page or tutorial to get me started?


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Both will do.
And I am not sure I fully understand what you just said, but I think is a good reference. As well as or Doc's other sites.

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