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Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

Insane since: Jan 2005

posted posted 03-31-2006 09:29

Spent about 5 to 6 hours on this so far, nothing special planned for it... just bored

(Edited by flazza on 03-31-2006 09:30)

Bipolar (III) Inmate

From: Sweden
Insane since: Aug 2004

posted posted 03-31-2006 23:07

Wow... that looks like something from Final Fantasy: Spirit Within.

How do you guys make all this stuff? I tried modeling a few things like hands etc to start with, but I find it really difficult to get the proportions and details correct...


Maniac (V) Mad Librarian

From: the space between us
Insane since: Sep 2002

posted posted 07-06-2006 11:55

image doesnt load for me

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Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

Insane since: Dec 2014

posted posted 12-29-2014 09:34

Actuly, I have had notepad crash on me a few times due to big log files.


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