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mhh... I'm still a newbie on this thingy.. a few months ago I found a Web Based RPG game called Dradon Soldier, and I'm absolutely interested and wanted to create my own project... anyone could suggest a tutorial or somethin i need to create such thing? ... or maybe a core source.. any kind of help would be appreciated..


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Hi, i am from Lithuania, i am createng such game, but not on ordinary php engine, i am createing engine with Phyton, if you want i can add you to my project, just email me

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finally, another python coder around here .

Welcome to the Asylum, Stalker!
Have a look at our ->faq - it's a wealth of resource in some areas.

Unfortunatly I have nothing at hand for you trntblcode...

so long,

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I was very interested in this concept for a while and I was also looking at it in Python.

The place that gives me trouble is coming up with a balanced scalable combat system that has random elements but does not feel totally random or a 1-to-1 relationship between skill points and victory.

Setting level and skill caps makes things much easier, but I am interested in providing for unlimited growth so that when you get to a certain level you do not find that the type of fun you are used to changes on you.

Dan @ Code Town

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