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I am "re-discovering" Novell, which I used professionaly a couple of years ago.
Netware is an amazing OS, not to mention eDirectories for directory management.

I am looking for information, tips, links, resources, whatever on the following
- Netware
- Zenworks
- Groupwise
- eDirectory

This is very relevant to server-side stuff, namely because the incredible stability of a well configured
Netware, and the capabilities of eDirectory (over 1 billion organisational objects namely) power web sites like CNN.

More info -->

Thank you for your feedback, feel free to ask questions (but I have to mention I am under NDA for
some of them), and specifically, I am looking for "refresher" informations to adapt
my past Novell experience (Netware 6, groupwise and zenworks) to more recent versions
of the software products.

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That totally blows. I just tossed a TON of NetWare CDs and stuff like two days ago after migrating some clients off of it....

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