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IP logged posted posted 06-03-2006 21:45 Edit Quote

Hello world.

I probably will release about one project a day in the next days, all those I have finished this year, which will stuff up my "binaries" section on my homesite.
Sudoku solver is due tomorrow (already gave it to the teacher but now am publishing the final)
Automod soap interface is due Monday So that we can move on.

The Go game project, for anybody who missed it, is described extensively in this thread:

It can be tested here:

And I wanted to use it to illustrate some UML concepts.. eh, why not?

So, the following pic is a very basic UML diagram of the app (only some of the public members - because the code is owned by my school, from a legal perspective):

And the magic is that teams coordinate automagically around this kind of diagram: each one of the squares is a programmatic, Java class, with it's members (properties and methods) and relationships specified by the sole diagram.

So one square per guy, sometimes we "swap squares", and sometimes we refine the diagram (which now contains way more methods and properties but remains a simple mapping of real world stuff to an OO apps.

Works a threat, and will be playable within days.

Advice welcome though on the gui, which is inexistent (except for the goban)
and being built by one of the classmates.

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Maniac (V) Inmate

Insane since: Jul 2005

IP logged posted posted 06-26-2006 23:27 Edit Quote

From theory to reality, analysis and early planning to a real world application, xiego is on it's way, and looks like:

... 4 people, one game, 6 months. It acts like a "go framework" which can be grafted on different AI or servers easilly.
[above picture: the gnuGo engine playing against itself, all on it's own. Very interesting to see it having a hard time at countering it's own manouvers]

It still needs internationalization, and a web loader, but it will soon be a free, public product for go lovers like me.

Xie was a general who happened to be fond of go, and is often depicted playing it.
Go is considered a martial art, and indeed, is an art.
And finally, ancient legends report that two dragons were assigned a mission to play the game and explore
it's wealth of subtle strategies, and that additional dragons are sent each millenium to observe the match. The 5th observing dragon has joined
them recently, with the beginning or our third millenium.

Go is as old as that.

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