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It's compos season .. summer is here, can you feel the creative flow?

The demos published in 2004 and 2005 are *plain* amazing.
Amazing in style and technique: I chose to focus on 4ks, and especially on those by
calodox, a Swiss group, and awarded and classified by as follows:

Art. In 4k. Music, graphics, an amazing code style, and a whole "mood" set and perfectly controlled,
as in video. But in 4 executable kilobytes. Probably less than the weight of this single post.

And God I know which kind of magic it takes to reach those levels of quality.

It takes discipline. It takes time. Creativity, logics, energy, and a superior willpower.
When you add it to other real world duties, it can drive you crazy. I just spent two days "adrift", as I like to call those moments
when I shut my bubble, and code until I cannot anymore.

I remember "and", winner of Assembly 2002 and 2003, a russian guy who was so worn out,
nervously exhausted to the extent he could barely speak when he was called to the podium.

For what? A few thousand bucks? The grattitude of the audience? A mark in the history of demos?-)
For me, it mostly boils down to feeling alive... in a world of easy consumerism, where even girls or boys are products,
exploring new grounds is the way to full freedom.

I am a burning man of sorts. And demos, regardless of what people say or do not say, whatever...
Demos are the cream of extreme cretive mediums, something that screams and shouts brilliance.

(soccer is fine in a similar perspective, granted )

Got a decent gpu? Prepare yourself. (must see)

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IP logged posted posted 06-18-2006 12:08 Edit Quote

note to self: it's time to get started. Badly.

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