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I've got an interesting problem with WordPress that has stumped all the WP experts on their forum.
Related to running a WP home page from my site's root while still keeping the blog files in a blog folder.
very baffling..

described here

note: disregard the page called home under the site menu - it has nothing to do with this problem - all it does is run a redirect template.

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Is this what you are looking for:

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I would suggest that this could be achieved through smart use of .htaccess. You set it up so that anything accessed from the site root that is not /blog/ attempts to load the corresponding static page. You then add in a piece to say that when it tries to load a blank root, it loads the 'home' static page instead. When it attempts to load something from /blog/ it will load the dynamic blog entry pages. You may have to create a very large and deeply embedded WordPress plugin to handle all these cases of different page loads, though.

jstuartj: There's nothing on that page.

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Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

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Hi and thanks.

Wordpress already has two plug-ins which allow you to control pages. The documentation is not that clear though and what i'm trying to do is not well documented.

The fun part is that everything works.

If you open it will open to a wordpress homepage without showing an ugly url even though wordpress is not installed in the root folder of my site. wordpress is installed in a blog folder.

The strange part is this and it is my fault i guess..the way i configured the plugins:
When you create a static page in Wordpress (static is a misnomer because it is still generated by the server and is still editable online by the server) and give it a name, say MYPAGE....wordpress will automatically put MYPAGE in the sidebar unless you exclude it from sidebar.php.

In my case, the static page called BLOG contains the content for my home page, not for a page called blog. In fact, when you click on BLOG it links to the blog (which is what i wanted) but it should show the static page called BLOG.

I know this sounds confusing...that's why the WP forum gurus could not figure it out i guess.

Essentially, I would like my Home content to be in a page called HOME not BLOG because I can't delete the BLOG link without deleting my home page content.

So the real question, is how do i properly configure WP to do what i want to do - with the use of 1 or both plugins.

Thanks for your help! Not sure if I made any sense or not, having a hard time explaining this one although it's obvious when you see it from my admin panel.

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