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IP logged posted posted 01-02-2007 21:40 Edit Quote

It's possible I may have a lead on a contract-to-hire web design position in King of Prussia. It might also be strictly contracting.

What are the typical hours for a contracting gig, and how much do they vary? Would there be room for a second job?

Thanks in advance...

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IP logged posted posted 01-08-2007 14:44 Edit Quote

40 hours per week is standard - make sure you get paid by the hour or if it is a daily rate stipulate that the rate is based on 8 hours per day.

if it is contract to hire, normally clients will push for the same terms as if a permenant role.


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The reason for FatRod's comments are because as a person who works in the computer field you can receive the status of exempt from being paid for overtime. You will get a salary and thats that.

You will want to avoid this and to make sure that they pay you by the hour for each hour you work, and if you can you will want to receive overtime pay for the hours you work over 40.

Dan @ Code Town

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