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IP logged posted posted 04-06-2007 08:45 Edit Quote

I have a dial up connection to the Internet. How do I write Javascript code that will dial up my Internet connection go to, click the express button , download and install the updates? JTM

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Why don't you schedule a windows update task for that ?

The windows update site probably needs ActiveX, so you'll have to use IE. AFAIK does not support user-js à la Opera or FireFox, so this will end in wall of bricks since, for obvious security/privacy reasons, you won't be able to touch the pages with JavaScript.

Hum, what kind of data plan do you have ? do you pay by the minute or by the Mb/Gb of bandwidth used ?

Sorry if I'm mistaken about Windows update. I stopped it long ago when I realized that beside Windows itself the only MS softs I use are the calculator and the charmap, which leave little room for an exploit. My HDD thanks me big time for the Gb saved and the bloody impromptu reboots that made me lost full or parts of some documents.

One last point, go check This site compiles all the patches, and the diff. from one release to another, for various versions of Windows so you don't have to pass by Windows' madn^Wsite.

And btw, hi and welcome to the Asylum.
Also I want you to know that I sympathize with you for the dial up.

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