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Hey All,

So I'm trying to figure out the function (or equation) to graph this type of curve

What I need is to be able to put in a time and get back a place on that line. Does anyone know the formula that will graph a curve like that? It seems to be like half a bell curve and while I can find some formulas for that I'm having a hard time working this out in my head.

I also will need to be able to adjust that curve so an explanation of the formula would look great.

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Yeah, it looks like e^-(x^2) for x>0
I don't know what you mean by you want by a place on the line. For the y-val, do the function. For the distance along the line, you'll have to use an integral (integral( sqrt(1+(dy/dx)^2)) dx) should do the trick)...or maybe I've just spent too much time doing vector calc tonight and I'm thinking too hard

For scaling, sub in, for example, (2x) for x to make it 'half as wide', or multiply the thing by two to make it twice as high.


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