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argo navis
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IP logged posted posted 07-08-2007 21:59 Edit Quote

Yeah, that. Call that some non-design, it obviously belongs to the site makers to dimension their fonts as they want, but browser vendors took it the other way round, and zooming,
in the end, on a whole layout as defined by it's author, makes much more sense than a "font size" feat. in browsers. Go figure.

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IP logged posted posted 07-08-2007 22:27 Edit Quote

There is no way site designers can pick a font-size that will fit everyone's liking or need. Some people will be uncomfortable even when designers only use relative units.

Agreed. Although font-size adjustment can be convenient, zoom makes more sense. It maintains the layout. This means no undesired line wrapping or backround image tiling behind a text suddenly too big.

IMHO zoom level, font-size and other user's preferences should be part of the site-preferences so that they remain next you visit the site/domain.

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