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posted posted 08-05-2007 03:18

so years ago mum received, as a gift, three paintings from a lady she worked with who had inherited them from a wealthy friend of the family. two of the paintings are portraits - one of a man, one of a woman - dressed in what look to be traditional Filipino gear. the other painting is an abstract scene of what might be a busy street in Southeast Asia somewhere. (i can have photos up in a couple days)

the portraits are signed: M C Capu / ong 67 (might be Capulong? 1967?)

the abstract is signed: C. FAI

i'm cleaning things out and am looking to auction these paintings off but i'm having trouble finding a reasonably-priced paintings appraiser in new zealand. has anyone heard of these painters at all or anything about the market for Asian art? would anyone know where i can get a ball park idea of what i could list as my reserve for these paintings?

i'm only bugging the asylum with this because i know from experience that inmates here know everything.

thanks in advance.

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