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IP logged posted posted 08-22-2007 16:02 Edit Quote

I was listening to this being discussed overnite on a radio talk show.

My crystal ball goes like this.

Everything we eat will be laced with nano technology which, while making its way through your body will gather trace elements of anything and everything you've ingested along with, a sample of your DNA.

Then when the community urinalysis is performed a positive result for, whatever the out of favor...flavor of the month might be, it is easily traced back to you via DNA laden nano technology. Your DNA will of course have been collected at birth.

Depending on the classification of the substance detected....the DNA data bank can immediately be searched or at the leisure of the authorities.

A record of your DNA will be embedded in your personal ID card. If you are stopped by authorities your personal ID is scanned as a matter of routine... the DNA data banks return a positive hit and you're hustled off to a not-so-cozy sitting room.

And what do you see in your crystal ball.... other than too much caffiene in NJ's system =)

?It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.? Voltaire

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IP logged posted posted 08-22-2007 17:45 Edit Quote

well... I'll sell you an autoclave for your wastewater... cheap

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IP logged posted posted 08-24-2007 12:17 Edit Quote

I comfort myself with the knowledge that nano-technology, for all the hype, is no closer to developing nano-machines of any complexity (let alone with the sophistication required of the above example) than it was ten years ago. I think it fairly unlikely that such nano-technology would reach the required (and affordable) level of sophistication within my lifetime for vast numbers of 'nanobots' to be flushed through my plumbing on a daily basis - so, I think the phrase I'm looking for is, "am I bothered"?

Just in case, however, keep one of those on hold for me please, TB?

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