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Hi i am Charles the administrator of Hot Concepts.

The concepts that i wish to discuss throughout this site area ll things that are very near and dear to my heart. I love nature and i love our planet, and even though like many people out their who believe they will not survive to see the end of it, i have realized that what if it is my children or even their children who end up having to deal the literal end of the world.

Now i believe that if each 1 of us just made small changes to our daily lives, most of which will be of no cost to us at all, we could make a substantial difference in the amount of days, weeks, months or even years that our descendants get to spend here on this earth.

I do not know weather you realized this, but Mother Nature is a lot like a human in many ways, but 1 in specific, like in the human body, if you get hurt it will heal itself, in the modern days, things like medicine speed up these processes, but if u scraped your knee, without medicine it would heal fairly quickly, but imagine if u scraped the same knee every single day, simple, it would never heal no amount of medicine would help.

Mother Nature is the same, if she was given the chance, so many problems that we are experiencing through nature would simply rectify themselves over time, we would not even need to give her pain killers, all we need to do is stop scraping her knee.

I urge all of you to help me through this forum and through your daily lives, do what you can to help the earth and educate those around you.

Thank You

Hot Concept - Lets Talk Nature

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