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Is it possible to resume file uploads made through a HTML form?

One of my main problems is that I do not understand the mechanism that handles the file upload. I believe this is delegated to the server level. The file is automatically uploaded to a temporary directory and your scripts can then move the file to where it should ultimately reside.

Mr. Google has not be too helpful as resume and resumé are pretty much spelled the same way across the web, and guess which word is far more popular, it is not resume as in continue.

My project where I would like to have file resumption will be written in Ruby on Rails and as such there are going to be a lot of different server options to deal with the file upload.

All advice or experiences you could share about this process would be valued.

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web browsers currently can't resume http post uploads.

You can find java based upload clients that can resume uploads,
but they're no ideal solution.

have to run now

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