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Hey All,

reisio in the #javascript IRC room mentioned that this would be a good place to find some AJAX rock-stars that might be job-hunting in NY. Give me a shout if you think you'd be a good fit.


Who We Are

radiusIM has redefined instant messaging by creating a social IM application that makes it fun and easy for people to chat. The 200k+ radius users love the simple, no-download required platform that lets them talk with all of their friends on AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Gtalk. They also love chatting with new friends that they meet by surfing the map for locals all over the world.

The application is built using AJAX, Java, JSP, C and a little Flash. We utilize all sorts of open-source software like Spring, PostgreSQL and ejabberd to get things done and we have fun doing it!

You’d be full-time at our offices in Manhattan’s lower east side and you’d get to use the products you build every day to chat with your friends and colleagues. radiusIM is a 3rd-year startup that’s fully funded and has a very cohesive team that likes to work hard and have a good time too.

Application Developer (Java & AJAX)

We’d love to talk to you about joining the team as an Application Developer if:

* You love creating software and trying out new things.
* You are an expert in Java and love programming in it.
* You are an expert in AJAX. You can talk about the differences between frameworks you’ve used like Dojo and Prototype and can talk about lessons you’ve learned from your AJAX projects.
* You can mock something up in HTML/CSS as if you were just creating a document in Word.
* You have fun solving tough problems and looking for ways to improve your own work as well as the work of others.
* You read all about new things being done in Java, AJAX and other interesting technologies.
* You’ve worked on web products on 2-4 week rapid development cycles (or you’re tired of the multi-month waterfall development cycles and can’t wait to escape them).
* You write test code to unit test the components you build.
* You love starting new projects and learning new codebases.
* You have a bachelors degree in Computer Science or another technical concentration.
* You’ve signed up on, have fully explored the site and have lots of technical questions and theories about how things work.

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Hey Marc,

Apologies the tout but I am a recruiter specialising in web development & programming [also a hobbies web developer myself :] If you can't find anyone, let me know as I know a good java /web engineers that would be looking to relocate to the US...

If you are interested please drop me a line.

Ben Corke
Cerebra Recruitment

Ben Corke | IT Recruitment Consultant | |

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