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The foremost priority for any Outsourcing company is to set an offshore center which has the best of technology and talented manpower to execute software development. In this context, India has established its hold on Offshore Software Outsourcing along with Russia and China. But she has countries like Philippines eyeing for competition in offshore outsourcing. It is proposed that the competition is due to rise in English speaking community in Philippines. What can be the other reasons for stringent competition and how can India reach the number one slot in Offshore Software Development?

Offshore Software

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moved here from server-side-scripting because it reaks of spam.

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It is spam... I say delete it.

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Nothing good ever starts with 'offshore'.

Justice 4 Pat Richard

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I'll get back to the idea at an appropriate time, but
>> nothing good ever starts with 'offshore'

I wish we had a bot, around, which can identify precisely the topic of a conversation. It would make for some great archival assistant,
and would smell "reakers" like this from far away as well.


One thing at a time though..

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Skaarjj said:

Nothing good ever starts with 'offshore'.Justice 4 Pat Richard

Offshore drilling platforms are good. I mean, outside of the whole silly "impact on the environment" thing, right?

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