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IP logged posted posted 03-13-2008 17:01 Edit Quote
toast said:
I was considering implementing my own

That *may* just turn out to be a huge waste of time, money and a maintenance hell.

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IP logged posted posted 03-13-2008 17:40 Edit Quote

Well, you just have to ask.

In the case of a distributed application using these technologies (JavaFX pretty much), the application is "built up"
from the web at runtime - appropriate components are downloaded, provided the user authorizes it, cached, updated
when an update is available, and assembled at runtime.

Thus, to track issues, I have to collect them : I want to automate this process. I want any crashing dll, javascript, jar, or class to be identified,
automatically and the stack trace/memory dump to be reported by user/time/recent application events/platform/Java version and then some more
(an "application crash : send bug report?" kind of feature).

Have to see, therefore, how configurable/manageable and FREE a tracking system is - everything COSA has to be built 100% in house
OR free of any GPL kind of constraints.

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IP logged posted posted 03-13-2008 18:18 Edit Quote

Well Jira is more about project management and an issue in Jira terms may mean anything from a Task, Bug, Requirement to whatever custom issue type that you specify. It's open source but not GPL and I wouldn't consider selling it with another product. You could however easily write a plugin for it that gathers all these 'automatically generated issues' into a special Jira project etc but I don't think that completely automating something like that is worth the time and would work very well because whatever you do these 'automatically generated issues' will still need alot of screening from real people.

Regular use of Jira means manually creating these issues (tasks, bugs, whatever) and actual people working on them for any given time from a few minutes, to hours, days, perhaps weeks or more) and while they're at it they change the issues' statuses, fields' values, make comments etc.

So how I see it. It would be a pretty simple solution to send e-mails instead of creating issues in a complicated system. People would screen those e-mails (most likely delete 96.73% of them) and create issues into an issue tracking system as needed. If you think you may not have enough resources to screen those issues manually then you're doomed anyway.

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IP logged posted posted 03-13-2008 18:30 Edit Quote

Arthurio, thanks for the clarification but - I should have said "automatically reported issues", maybe.
Any serious application, nowadays, does that "send bug report" thing.

I have worked, quite recently, to support and maintain a system which would gather issues encountered by any of the 50000 employees
of the firm - or any of the hundreds of third parties using it from outside.

On the "central" side of things, such issues should then be automatically stored in the knowledge base of the company,
as per ITIL support guidelines (support processes framework - support standards), and accessible to any member of the IT personel
from developers to.. you name it. I personnally like HP "Service Desk" for handling these "cases".

Support personel, for the moment, is limited (read : me) - but the first customer being an archeology institute,
they need industry level quality. What usually applies to handle a small to mid scale project like a web
is way, way below the requirements here in terms of automation, optimisation, and accessibility.


Picture them in the middle of the desert of Gobi, connected through a portable satellite device,
and trying to make a phone call to my helpdesk. 100$/minute for talking to a support agent is not the best thing to them.

(btw : all the project requirements, including a fault tolerance in case this/that idea would fail, timely budget,
fnances, etc.. Have been documented a year ago when I started. Before travelling the world to support
the afforementionned corporate application, the one I mention at the top of this post).

And a tip you could use when your project takes off is : do NOT start a business by paying, paying, paying
even if contracts are lining up. Focus on minimizing expenses and dependencies from third parties - you'll be better
for it.

A crooked laptop in my flat is enough - and the tax department, due to my legal status, now pay half of my rent
(because the law considers it my office).

(Edited by toast on 03-13-2008 18:34)

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IP logged posted posted 03-13-2008 18:38 Edit Quote

I know that our support and services people also use the HP OpenView Service Desk but I don't have any personal experience with it ...

Jira is dirt cheap tho ... and I still think that a proprietary system for same things would much more likely lose you money in the long run.

(Edited by Arthurio on 03-13-2008 18:41)

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IP logged posted posted 03-13-2008 19:08 Edit Quote

(but since I value your advice on this, I totally think I cannot do it justice while in rushrushrush mode -
it deserves more attention than I can give it right now, rest assured it's in my papers)

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IP logged posted posted 05-14-2009 15:58 Edit Quote

Yes, and when the wanted effect is achieved, it will be so obvious...

Here is my quick and dirty (Photoshop) attempt. Again, these are only ideas, but the idea is to polish the whole thing, and integrate the background in a better way, by matching the colours better and toning it down slightly.


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IP logged posted posted 05-14-2009 16:24 Edit Quote

stupid spammers

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IP logged posted posted 12-22-2010 03:42 Edit Quote

The problem is with the database engine unfortunately : hosting personel tend to upgrade without notification,
and they change the config during this process - it's the second time around valid sql queries become
more strict and I have to fiddle with working code.

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