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IP logged posted posted 01-31-2008 02:52 Edit Quote

Just wanted to announce the launch of the new photo-ordering system over at the Roadside Resort.

I gave hyperbole a complicated concept to tie Gallery, Drupal and Ubercart together to make it possible for me to manage and sell photo prints and he's made it work beautifully!

I've also added a function to preview a photo framed and another to calculate the actual print size of a particular photo.

Take a look and see what you think! (Any order you place will be a real order, though, so don't buy if you don't intend to pay.)

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: f(x)
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IP logged posted posted 01-31-2008 03:56 Edit Quote

That's really nice. So what do you use to print and ship them? I might start selling my works through my site, but I don't know if I have the demand to do so.

Have you tried the Acidfree Albums module?
I have it on my site. I modified it (very easy) to use the Thickbox module to display my images in. I have tried Gallery, but I immediately didn't like it because it had it's own theming and I wanted something that felt more a part of Drupal like Acidfree does.

Paranoid (IV) Mad Scientist

From: Inside THE BOX
Insane since: May 2000

IP logged posted posted 02-05-2008 19:22 Edit Quote

I use a printing service and ship them myself. I can recommend a printer if you like; just e-mail me with a reminder.

Integrating Gallery was a small challenge, I'll admit, but I had been a fan for a long time and really liked the direction it was going. It handled much of what I needed in regard to watermarking, automatic resizing, and handling of IPTC/EXIF data that no other package did. Plus, I figured that, with such a large Gallery user base, I may be able to market my plug-in if I ever figured out how to do such a thing.

I haven't looked at Acidfree in a while, so it may have caught up with Gallery in many respects, I don't know. But I started developing the site a couple of years ago and couldn't wait to see what came of it.

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IP logged posted posted 02-06-2008 00:55 Edit Quote

Great stuff Wes, put all that photography to work for you. I've been prompted to do a similar thing myself when some one wanted to buy a couple of my photographs. I have absolutely nothing set up for this so I'm interested in all the possibilities.
I'm off to the printer to-morrow for two prints size 23 x 33 inches @ £19.00 each. I'm hoping I use the correct/best file format to present to the printer, uncompressed TIFF CMYK.
What file format do you use for your printer, if I my be so bold?

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Paranoid (IV) Mad Scientist

From: Inside THE BOX
Insane since: May 2000

IP logged posted posted 02-06-2008 23:53 Edit Quote

I send them a level 10 JPEG. There's no discernible loss in quality and it saves tons of file space when compared to a TIFF. And in my experience, most printers take photos in the sRGB color space instead of CMYK or Adobe RGB.

Find out what color space your printer prefers and submit it in that; you'll get more accurate results. If they don't know, then I'd go with sRGB since that seems to be typical for photographic print houses. (After receiving mostly blank stares when asking about color space, I experimented with different files and found that your average photomat, at least in the US, delivers more accurate results when they receive sRGB. But I use those places only for snapshots and the like, anyway.)

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