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IP logged posted posted 04-11-2008 15:59 Edit Quote

I have been selling images on stock sites for a few years now and decided to create my own stock site. All of the images are available for cost free download in sizes up to 500 pixels. Larger sizes are available at $20 for 300 downlaods per month and $200 for 4,000 download per year. I only started the site a couple of weeks ago and have already been listed in Google and will have some free images on a well known Photoshop magazine disc next month. As the site is in the early stages, I would appreciate some constructive feedback on ways to improve it. The site is

Why not download some free images while you are reviewing


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IP logged posted posted 04-17-2008 07:25 Edit Quote

I have decided to change my site so that all graphics (except vectors) are now available for immediate download and totally cost free.

Please take a look and give some constructive feedback ............and grab whatever you want


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