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IP logged posted posted 01-15-2009 15:28 Edit Quote

This is one of the other things that I've been up to this past while.

Once I got the TBN matric out of 3DS Max, all this stuff was done right in Photoshop. Made the bump in PS, converted it to a tangent map in PS, put it together with N in PS, and did that post right in PS.

Playing with Vector Renders

Every time I think I've gone off the deep end, I out-do myself a few months down the road.

Now can I be a Lunatic?
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cool stuff!

how exactly do you create the normal map?

and how do you store the tbn matrix? i.e. what fileformat?

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IP logged posted posted 01-19-2009 15:39 Edit Quote

I'm using my own filter to convert the greyscale bump to tangent normals.

Bump to Tangent Normals

I was getting tired of Sobel operations and related things, so I took a much simplier approach. Basically, treat the individual pixels as 3d mesh points, get the perpendiculars, and tada. It's a very simple approach and I'm surprised that I haven't seen it used before.

Now, the TBN matrix is something that I'm currently hacking. What I'm currently doing is saving the individual T, B, and N portions as bitmaps, then loading them up into my filter. Everytime I want to do this trick, I have to load three different bitmaps. It's kind of annoying and clunky, but it works. I do eventually want to get the TBN into an indexed format much like how OBJ files are done.

The other day I was doing some junk and I accidentally over-wrote my code for the Bend This filter. Lost about two hours of tedious GUI coding. One of my biggest habits is saving often and using versions, but one little click of the mouse wiped it out.


But I still rock.

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