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Hey people, I've been teaching myself javascript and web design and I finally have someone who needs a site built. They need have users be able to link to a page where they see course lists and prices, and a file gets updated when they choose a course, and then it has to go to another page where they register and pay, presumably. I need to know if I can do this with ajax since I don't know other languages and where I can learn to perform ajaxian type stuff. Can anyone help, please? Any help will be greatly appreciated

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You're in over your head.

Ajax is not a language, but a method of using JavaScript. You need to know a server-side language more than anything, and online payment processes are something you should not dive into.

If you have a luxurious time frame, you can certainly learn how to do what you need to do, otherwise you might want to subcontract to save face.

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That's what I figured. I Already told him I'm unqualified at this point. I was making some logos for him and mentioned that I could make webpages and small javascripts. I was merely asking if I'd need to learn a server side language. I well aware that ajax is a method.

The guy doesn't even have a host yet so I have no idea what the sever language is anyway. Plus I'm a carpenter and contractor anyway. This crap is a hobby for me. It's nice getting paid to make cheesy web graphics though. LOL

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Definitely - an ajax call is an asynchronous http request made to to server sided script which in turn prints html or a JSON encoded string. WHat you outlined can be done quite easily without ajax. You woudl need to learn a server side language - go for Php if you ask me plus for the Ajax I would suggest you read up on what the concept of an Ajax call is and then use a free javascript library to make ajax calls like or You would need to have a javascript function that makes the call and a call back function which handles whatever html you generate from the server script called.

Look at Sajax at - easy to use.

If you ask me I would suggest you just make it simple using basic php and at the max use some of those cool whizzy effects / bells and whistles you have in jquery or scriptaculous or mootools to uber WOW your client

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I know people who know people.. if you know what I mean. No seriously, if you need help with a project like this, I can help.. as well, I'm certain there are many qualified candidates here. You can save face by managing the project and subcontracting out to various developers. If you are needing such a site, you will need something to the effect of:

1) database - which includes database development, stored procedures, views, indexing, and so on..
2) data access layer - middle layer code which connect your business layer code to the database
3) business intelligence layer - code for your front end (including Ajax and page handlers)
4) front end code - dynamic content for your site (Ajax, client-side scripting, etc..)


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