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IP logged posted posted 02-21-2010 20:02 Edit Quote

For me it's complex, anyways.

How do I handle this Mysql 4-table scenario:

SCHOOLS to STUDENTS is a 1 to many relationship.
AUCTIONS to PRIZES is also 1 to many.
But now, SCHOOLS to AUCTIONS is many to many,
i.e., a school can participate in many auctions,
or one auction can be registered with many schools.

My question:
Since STUDENTS to PRIZES can be 1 to many,
how do I handle this table setup - to query winners of the prizes?

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IP logged posted posted 02-21-2010 21:04 Edit Quote

you'll need to provide more details for an example, but you'll need a multi join.

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IP logged posted posted 02-22-2010 16:00 Edit Quote

A many to many consists of 3 tables.


Additionally, try drawing an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) of the database using DIA (free open source diagramming tool).



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