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IP logged posted posted 08-17-2010 21:39 Edit Quote

Today I've visited OZONES.COM and noticed that it still runs the quite old "our walls" design. My first thoughts were like "omfg, this one still looks badass!" i mean, how old is this website? almost 10 years i guess? how many equally old websites out there still make you think that you are looking at a nice, timeless design? Just think about how much design in the www has changed during the past years, or how technologies and possibilities have evolved....then look again at OurWalls.
congrats, DocOzone.

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IP logged posted posted 08-17-2010 22:17 Edit Quote

I thought the same exact thing when I stumbled into it last...about a year ago.

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IP logged posted posted 08-18-2010 15:32 Edit Quote

I am not so sure about timeless here.

I pretty much chalk such up to good design.

Good design will normally remain "timeless" - appealing to the eye and all that.

Wasn't there a bit on the Golden Angle thing on the Asylum awhile ago, and how that can result in pleasing results to the eye? Combine that with good, solid color combinations according to design, and keep things from being overcrowded and complicated.

Clean, crisp, solid, with sound design.

The Doc knew what he was doing when he built that.

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IP logged posted posted 08-19-2010 00:39 Edit Quote

"congrats, DocOzone."
I second this emotion

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IP logged posted posted 12-13-2010 07:46 Edit Quote

Frankly speaking, i do not like the color background of Ozone asylum forum.
It looks too bright.

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