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Hi guys i would like to say thanks in advance for your help..

I'm creating an e commerce site and I wanted to know the best practice. Should i create a separate database for Customers and Users (admins) or should they just be in the same database with different access Levels.

I see the benefit of a separate database. You can require more information then needed for an admin user. But that also creates the problem of separate login Places and adds a bigger load to the navigation. I'm kinda new and just wanted to know the standard procedures of building an e commerce site.

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Usually u have one table for the users and then add them to usergroups.

User: Username | ID
groups: Groupname | ID
users_to_groups: UserID | GroupID

Or more modern systems prefere roles with
Roles: "can add item", "can add user"...
and then associate the users to there roles.

Im sure there are more ways of handling this, but most of them do keep the all there users in one table. It makes useradmin/login etc more simple.

The navigation is then dynamically created depending on the users Group or Roles

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Use Magento! It's a very robust ecommerce solution. It will handle users and roles for you if you set it up to do that.

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You can build different user groups according to the consuming levels.

And give them an authority to join the group.

I'm sure this will bring and attract more customers.

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