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Just a few things I've been working on this past week. I just got back into AS, but AS3 instead of AS2. I'm also using MiniBuilder rather than my Flash 8. It didn't take me long to get comfortable with AS3.

My starter project was gravitational forces, just for fun.

Apart from the vertical gravity, your mouse has it's own gravitational pull. The mouse's gravitational pull is what makes the particles "explode" when you click. I also added motion blur to the particles to make it look nicer. There are 100 particles.

Next, I wanted to make 2D reflections.

You may place more mirrors by clicking and dragging. You can move the endpoints of the mirrors with the yellow circles. If you made a mess of the place, you can double click to clear all mirrors. The limit of reflections has been set to 10000. I will continue to work on this and perhaps make a game of some sort out of it eventually.

Well, that's that.

On a unrelated side note, I also made a fully functional Rubik's Cube in Garry's Mod using Wiremod's Expression2 chip.

I hope you guys find at least something here enjoyable or interesting.

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Well those are certainly fun toys. Wish we had stuff like that back in the 60's. Ahhh... wait a minute we did. Just didn't have the computers. -_Q

"It's not the pale moon that excites me.... It's the nearness of you."

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Good stuff zavaboy me likey

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