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"House MD" is smart television. Hugh Laurie plays Dr. Greg House,House MD DVD a man with a very sharpe mouth, Who confesses that he would like medicine more if he didn't have to deal with the patients.It is sometimes necessary to move the patient to know what ails the or her. For example, bring a woman to the hospital suffering from seizures. At first she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.The Office DVD But the treatment given to her did not work, but make it worse. Thus, the doctors sent to his apartment found ham in her fridge, lots of it. Dr House quickly guessed that it might be a tapeworm. A scan of the head showed a worm tape stuck in his brain.Removal of tapeworm solve the problem. Now, honestly, Grey's Anatomy DVD who never knew that tapeworm living in your brain?There are many medical problems that will both fear and surprise you. I think the authors have done a fantastic job in finding various strange medical condition that can suddenly strike us as if from nowhere.An Afro-black senator to the presidency collapsed after a speech. In the hospital,Lost DVD a blood test showed that his white blood cell count was very low, and a rare fungus common in patients with AIDS has increased in the brain.

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posted posted 04-23-2011 22:24

My ghast has never been so flabbered.

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posted posted 04-24-2011 11:09

Flabbergasted, fer shure dude!

Holy houses of the, Batman!

That has got to be one of the most intricate spams I have seen yet!

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