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I'm a HUGE fan of the office and have been since the first season.This is a great season of the Office! We're big fans, and saw all the episodes many times.The Office DVD The fourth season will have to entertain, ranging from rabies, an unexpected proposal. Even received a script for an episode,Glee DVD so it can now act as our friends and family.In the third season Pam was free, but Jim was emotionally distant after he was fired at the end of the second season. The end of the season in third place, however,The Big Bang Theory DVD saw Jim asks Pam on a date to end the season. The fourth season begins with them a happy couple, a state maintained throughout the season, to the chagrin of Toby. But more surprising is that the authors have succeeded in keeping the fun. The season ends with Jim complex plan to propose to Pam,Lost DVD the plans were dashed when Andy proposed to Angela dull as Jim was about to pop the question to the answer Pam (Angela - "OK .. Just OK" - - was one of the funniest lines of the season).This has to be the funniest show on TV right now.

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