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IP logged posted posted 07-11-2011 17:06 Edit Quote

Only the last record gets assigned to the array. I dont understand why.

$resulturl=mysql_query("SELECT title, friendly_url_path, id
FROM pmd_v2_locations
WHERE level =4
AND friendly_url_path LIKE 'United-States/alabama%'
ORDER BY title") or die(mysql_error());


while($rowl = mysql_fetch_array($resulturl))  
		$split = ( list ($Country, $State, $County, $City) = split("/", $rowl[friendly_url_path]) );
		$arrayurl['$Country1'] = strtoupper($Country);
		$arrayurl['$State1'] = strtoupper($State);
		$arrayurl['$County1'] = strtoupper($County);
		$arrayurl['$City1'] = strtoupper($City);
		$arrayurl['$rowlid1'] = $rowl[id];


foreach ($arrayurl as $key => $value)
	echo $key.' - '. $value;

edit TP: stuck in some code tags.

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IP logged posted posted 07-12-2011 09:22 Edit Quote

That would be because you have just one level associative arrays.
What you (probably) want is to create a new array in the loop,
and append that with $arrayurl[] = $my_new_array.

So long,

->Tyberius Prime

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