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I run with a volunteer fire department and we were looking to create a system that would allow our volunteers to send an email from a mobile phone to a webpage that would list whether or not they were available for service or out of service. This webpage would be displayed in the garage and responders would have a clearer idea of who was in the area to respond for calls.

The page could be as simple as displaying all of the members names and the field next to them showing "In Service" and "Out of Service"

Can anyone give some suggestions on how to do the above?

My knowledge of programming and scripting is limited, so if you could make it a clear explaination, that would be great.

Thanks for your time

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You write as script that queries an email account (an inbox) for new mails,
then adds them to the database that is running your website (and deletes the emails
less it posts them over and over again).
Or in your case, updates the member's status in the database.

Then you hook this script up to a cron job that run's every minute.


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I'm sorry, but like I said, I'm not really sure how I would query that email address, write the script, or what database I should use.

Sorry, but can you give a detailed description or give me an example to get started?

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This is going to be run in a Microsoft environment. Users are going to send to send an SMS to an email (tested already) I want the users to only have to type "RFS" (Ready for service) or "OOS" (Out of Service). I want these keywords to change their status on an internal website.

What kind of scripting or scripting examples can I use to scan their SMS that comes into Outlook as an email for those three characters? How to I can I have that keyword trigger a change on an Status field ( IN OR OUT) found on an Internal IIS website?

Please let me know, any help is appreciated.


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It's probably to late for you but this could be a solution:

If the volunteers all have a smartphone a dedicated twitter page would be easier. In this case they would send something like IN #firedept. for in service or OUT #firedept. for out of service.

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