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IP logged posted posted 10-09-2011 16:45 Edit Quote

'lo everyone. I started myself a new education (Communication & multimedia design) and one of the first assignments I got was to build a color wheel, and use it to illustrate what primary, secondary and tertiary colors are. The example given used the standard primary colors: Red, yellow and blue. (As seen on the right)

I went a different way, and started with Cyan, Magenta and Yellow as primary colors, since that makes a bit more sense when you're dealing with printing and so on.

So, is either one of them better? How would I find the right CMYK values for the colour wheel on the right?

Thanks for your time.

Tyberius Prime
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IP logged posted posted 10-11-2011 09:49 Edit Quote

Good for you .

I like yours much better - it's a bit less prone to crosstalk between the colors.
Might wish to use a greyish background though?

And I have no clue if there's an easy way to read cymk from the right one...

so long,

->Tyberius Prime

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IP logged posted posted 10-17-2011 09:12 Edit Quote
function rgb2cmyk (r,g,b) {
 var computedC = 0;
 var computedM = 0;
 var computedY = 0;
 var computedK = 0;

 //remove spaces from input RGB values, convert to int
 var r = parseInt( (''+r).replace(/\s/g,''),10 ); 
 var g = parseInt( (''+g).replace(/\s/g,''),10 ); 
 var b = parseInt( (''+b).replace(/\s/g,''),10 ); 

 if ( r==null || g==null || b==null ||
     isNaN(r) || isNaN(g)|| isNaN(b) )
   alert ('Please enter numeric RGB values!');
 if (r<0 || g<0 || b<0 || r>255 || g>255 || b>255) {
   alert ('RGB values must be in the range 0 to 255.');

 if (r==0 && g==0 && b==0) {
  computedK = 1;
  return [0,0,0,1];

 computedC = 1 - (r/255);
 computedM = 1 - (g/255);
 computedY = 1 - (b/255);

 var minCMY = Math.min(computedC,
 computedC = (computedC - minCMY) / (1 - minCMY) ;
 computedM = (computedM - minCMY) / (1 - minCMY) ;
 computedY = (computedY - minCMY) / (1 - minCMY) ;
 computedK = minCMY;

 return [computedC,computedM,computedY,computedK];

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