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Just got this from the folks at Retouch Pro:

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Yes... I saw that just the other day. A mind blower for sure. and then just today I tried to wrap my tiny mind around the potential of the Lytro camera. sort of get it... then I don't then yes then .... then my brain needs deblurring. -_Q

This is the camera that lets you refocus after you shoot images.
It also does 3D (they had a separate display that I didnít shoot where I viewed those 3D images and they are pretty damn cool) ó you will be able to decide after you shoot whether to display images in 2D or 3D, which is totally cool.

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I remember seeing a video some time ago with an array of cameras that looked like a bee eye of sorts. They could paint in blur and sharpness. And even change the angle a little bit (3d). If I remember correctly, it was a photograph of a statue. Having a hard time finding the video. Was it by Ren and his Lytro team?

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WJ, it might have been experiments by Todor georgiev:

Pierre Courtejoie

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IP logged posted posted 04-21-2012 03:01 Edit Quote

Pretty impressive. If there's one thing that content-aware fill taught me, though, it's to go ahead and assume there's already an obscure implementation in free software out there (in the case of content-aware fill: gimp resynthesizer & imagemagick liquid rescale) - hopefully that'll be the case with this. =)

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