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I run a coupon script and a network of coupon sites.
The most profits I've made is in the hosting industry. That is why I've opened a coupon hosting site.
For the general coupons I'm affiliated with the big networks: cj, google, linkshare.
Daily I get offers and coupons from the network and with the help of some plugins I only work 2 minutes per day to get from 50 to 300 new offers / coupons on the site.

Now the problem: is there a place from where I can get bulk available coupons for hosting.

For example in this forum there are a lot of coupons but you will have to take them manually ... which is a lot of work.

I'm looking for something to get the coupons bulk in order to make a plugin do that work.

Coupon Site Script - Turnkey Affiliate Moneymaking Business

Code Coupon Discount - Coupon Site Script in Action

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