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The first thing that struck me when coming back here was symptoms of this:

"Spanish students held protests in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid against cuts to education budgets, which in some instances turned violent."

In December 2011 I announced the menu for this year.
- Escalation toward quasi-war from within western countries, and against a front of negative Islamic fundamentalists.
- My ushering in the gifts of spirit on industrial scales. Free energy, easily accessible new careers,
some I am preparing here:, and there is much more, at stakes and in the making.
- HOWEVER: this will precipitate division, between those who cling to matter, and those
who embrace the inner power, gradually.

Do not lose faith in life, do not lose hope, do not fear. Have faith, simply. In you, and in the intrinsic perfection of this Universe.

As this continues, who I am will be revealed. And when the escalation will culminate, when all hope will seem lost,
watch closely for an eruption at Mount Agung.

For Heaven will then stand open. And the written Word will be fulfilled.

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