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As time goes by, I get involved deeper into the magic of Qi energy.

I am taking risks for it, on every level:
- pioneering something "uncanny", that is receiving increasing backing from the most reputable institutions (Stanford, Harvard, you name it, they're all there ).
- putting my life on the line, stricto senso, amidst the coming "delivery", as a peaceful activist (people I know have disappeared).
- some stuff I can't begin to explain.

Here are a couple of cookies about what's hardly fathomable.

(Pay attention to the footnotes).

The rest, I have mentioned already. Prophecy is becoming fact. And I am getting concerned for the ones I love, and for my ability to reach out before some of our key infrastructures (health care for one) take the plunge - cause that's inevitable, call it a delivery, and it's coming fast. VERY fast, a matter of days I am "told".

Meanwhile, decisions are being made about the "right to be forgotten"

And I understand why. Sometimes, when a message has been extended and has served its purpose, such a right becomes a necessity.

Therefore, if an amicable agreement can be found, I'd love for whichever contributions I have left here which are deemed of importance to stay.
But I'd want them to stay in non-indexed areas.

Because for the final act, of a whole episode of the divine comedy, Argo has to shed the leftovers of the skin of Mauro.

My girl, children we seek to raise, my mother could be threatened if Argo backlinked to Mauro too often, too easily. And I don't want that.

I'll restate this clearly: anything deemed of public interest, esoteric, technical, your pick - I will gladly leave to the people to use. But the safety of some lovely people would greatly, immensely benefit from my cutting backlinks, simply. Whichever solution we can come up with to achieve that would be greatly appreciated.

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