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IP logged posted posted 01-03-2015 11:30 Edit Quote

I've done a few things, but only one thing in particular that made me swell with pride.

I know this guy and he is a real hillbilly. He asked me to make him a duck call lanyard. I did a little bit of research, got the stuff together, and made him one. No big deal. The day after I gave it to him, he told me that his two year old son was really sad because he wanted one, too. So, I did the flow thing. I grabbed a few pieces of things, no planning at all, and just made his son one without really thinking about it. Sometimes my hands just go. Flow. Gave that to the guy to give to his son. The day after that, he told me that his son was absolutely estatic. He refused to take it off for any reason for three days. Hopped into the bath with it on and even wore it to bed. He now keeps it hanging on the wall next to his father's lanyards.

Not only did I make something that a two year old boys truly adores, but I helped a father and son. He wants to do things that his father does (identify), and I helped fascilitate. Major warm fuzzies. I was walking on sunshine. When you give a child dem feels, can't help but get them yourself.

(Apparently that little boy is already whizzer at using duck calls. Hearing his father lament with a smile on his face over that is pretty funny. "That boy is already better than me!" :snicker: Heh.)

What have you done this past month that you are proud of?

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IP logged posted posted 01-05-2015 11:53 Edit Quote

I made a little Christmas present for my girlfriend's niece which I think was quite clever and thoughtful.
The niece is 3 years old. They live in a rural area with limited internet access.
She loves animated movies but she's been forced to watch them in languages she doesn't yet understand.
So I found about 40+ of these movies dubbed in the right language, sorted them all out and put them on a 64gb usb stick which was then delivered to her by the elves. I heard they've already watched a few.

Thinking back critically now. I've made only a few presents in my life that I felt have been really spot on and special for the one receiving them. I hope this is one of those times.

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